A long path into transformation

My first drawings emerged spontaneously in the early 90s. Since then I have been working regularly and thousands of works were born.

The starting point of my digital works are most of the time hand drawings, which are made with pastels, colored pencils, watercolors, acrylics, china ink, felt tip pens and graphic pens.

In my drawings, organic and abstract forms, text fragments and anthropomorphic beings stand in a network of dynamic relationships, that allow multiple and even opposite interpretations. I experience the seemingly ornamental forms as elements of a complex alphabet in constant transformation.

It’s all about primal conflicts and longings and about evolution beyond the narrow limits of identity.

The search for (obvious or hidden) meanings is my second work in progress. The search for interpretations gives the drawings an additional raison d’être. But meaning always comes after work and never before. No drawing is planned.

I deliberately avoided any form of art training. I didn’t want to “civilize” or “educate” my work. It had to follow its own laws. My job is just to keep making it and to find out what it means.

One needs trust to go on like this…
But I feel like I am following an hidden track.

Soul is central in my work. Art is soul language, it is a way to make soul visible. I like to think that my art is not really mine, it is a space where souls can meet.

Is the unconscious not a dimension in which everybody swims (and sometimes drowns…)? With my modest means, I try to lead a dialogue with this dimension and to animate the viewer to lead a similar dialogue.

Digital processing gives to the drawings a “second life”.
Beings and forms embark on a journey, during which they take on new identities. My digital works are always about mutations. Patterns are transformed and given new possibilities. Each subject can experience itself as many and reappear in different roles.

Symmetry creates a center and an order that stabilizes the fluidity of forms.

Carpets and Tapestries are compositions of organic, abstract and figurative forms. The original fragments of analog or digital drawings become surfaces, like words that are repeated and form an echo. These surfaces are perhaps encrypted paths… But they have retained their organic character.
The order holds the forms together but the forms cannot hold still…

My digital works are processed again and again over a longer period of time.

At the moment they are about 2200 and divided into categories, according to content or formal focus. The categories (or families) are at the moment 24.

I was born in the sixties.

I started with drawing and writing very early in life.

I worked as a translator, language teacher, therapist, counselor, graphic designer…

I use writing, astrology and art as forms of soul work.