My Art Journey

A Shape-shifting Path

I started drawing at the beginning of the 90ties, during a very difficult life transition.

I have been working digitally for about fifteen years.

Over time, thousands of works were born. Some died, other mutated in digital variations. Some traveled far away and others are still by me.

In my works, organic and abstract forms, text fragments and anthropomorphic beings stand in a network of dynamic relationships which allow multiple interpretations.

I experience the seemingly ornamental forms as elements of a mysterious alphabet in constant transformation.

It’s all about evolution beyond the narrow limits of identity. It is all about soul making.

The search for (obvious or hidden) meanings is my second work in progress which gives to my practice an additional depth. But process comes after the spontaneous creation: no work is planned.

Making the drawings, asking myself What am I doing?, finding meaning and purpose, living with my art and experiencing its psychoactive effects: all this is part of my journey and of my daily life.

I deliberately avoided any form of art training. I didn’t want to civilize or educate my art. So I stayed self-taught, learning by myself only a few things (the less the best) to keep producing consistently.

My work has to follow its own laws. My job is just to create it, find out what it means and how it can positively affect others.

One needs trust to go on like this… But I feel I am following a hidden track.

The starting point of my digital works are most of the time hand drawings, which are made by using pastels, colored pencils, watercolors, acrylics, inks, different sorts of fine liners and metallic pens.

Digital processing was a revelation, because it gave to the drawings a second, a third, a fourth life… Beings and forms embarked on a journey and took on new identities.

Through mutations, forms were given new possibilities. Each drawing could experience itself as many and take different roles.

Drawings sometimes convert into patterns, which form virtual tapestries or carpets: surfaces with an ornamental appearance, landscapes – abstract and organic at once – on which the eye can wander, experience emotions, or get intuitions.

The digital transformation process proceeds in successive stages and can last up to years.

Building A House for the Lost Thoughts

Stills Family Canvas 70 x 70 cm china inks, metallic pens and pigment liners

Building A House for the Lost Thoughts

Still Tapestries Family Digital work Maximum print size: 70 x 100 cm

The elements of a pattern are like words that are repeated and form an echo.

These surfaces are perhaps encrypted paths which keep an organic character.

The order holds the forms together, but the forms cannot hold still

Figurative drawings also are transformed into patterns, into parts of a surface, where the multiplication and fragmentation of the self is indirectly addressed.


Souls Family Digital work (Detail) Maximum print size 59.4 x 42 cm

AX Tapestry

Soul Tapestries Family Digital work (Detail) Maximum print size: 130 x 90 cm

Carpets and Tapestries are essentially meditative works, to relax the mind and provide inspiration.

I love to work with symmetry: it builds a center and an order that stabilizes the fluidity of forms.

Beloved Words

Organic Tapestry Digital work Maximum size print: 130 x 90 cm

Foreseeing Tile

Talking Psychotiles Family Digital work maximum size fine art print : 60 x 60 cm

My art meanders around concepts like identity, transformation and above all soul, term to which I give an open meaning, in relation to the inner core of each one of us, a self which includes elements that are intimate and at the same time collective.

Soul can perform the function of a wise, inspiring higher self and guide us in exploring the inner worlds, where everything is connected and has infinite layers of meaning.

I perceive my practice as an ongoing weaving of connections, and an invitation to open to an inner dialog with our soul.

I was born in Milan (Italy) in the sixties.

I live in Switzerland since many years.

I worked as a translator, language teacher, graphic designer and therapist.

I see myself as a soul worker and my art practice is an essential part of this work.